Saturday, 10 May 2014

fpf?+13 - Being for the benefit of Thursday night

(written 2 July 2009)

I have a royal chair
It can brush my hair

I have discovered how it is that Radiohead craft their lyrics: They play with their children, and then head off to the studio to write it all down. The lines above are verbatim Caitlin – I sit and brush her hair and she imagines that I am a royal chair. Naturally a song is needed, although as with any good song, it only needs two lines of lyrics repeated over and over and over and over.

Its been a while, as a matter of fact it has been since last year, which is a very very long while. I’d thought it was a few months – there was one in March, but looking back it seems like nothing more than a pitch for birthday wishes. Time knits coincidence out of innocent endeavour. As a variety of little birds may have told you, I have embarked of late on the soul-train of compromise: I am dealing with clients.
A guy came into the office last month – selling encyclopedias. Now I really fucking hate salesmen as much as the next guy, but I recognised the deep unsleeping pain in this person’s eyes, the countercurrent of ill-advice slithering behind every syllable – I too have sold encyclopedias. The only words I have in my defence are these: I sucked. Like an old shoe at the bottom of an abandoned swimming pool. I didn’t sell a single one. All I got from it was a vague memory of a dive somewhere up in the hills around Maritzburg where an Indian dude had a smelly-knick-knack/barber shop called 21 Jump street where me and another guy bought little twists of dope called pencils(?) I really have no hope in hell of even thinking of where to go spelunking to pull out even the vaguest memory of who that other guy was.


Well I’ve just written this poem and its nice, but I can’t really make head or tail of it. Anyhow, it’ll do til next week…

I waited 18 desert sands
18 oceans deep and still
18 winds wept as I lay
Waiting in the mist
18 mountains crumbled back
To plains of salted stone
And 18 rivers found no sea
and died out overnight
I made a road, a wood, a path
I made a fire and slowly
closed my eyes and went to sleep
to wait refreshed again.


Anyday now,


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