Wednesday, 14 November 2012

4-week breath-hold

I am walking through the house barefoot and I step on something sticky, like a piece of tape. Nothing gross or squishy - just sticky. I lift my foot and peel the thing from my heel. It is a semi-see-through sticker about the size of a football field if a football field was the size of 6 tabs of acid... anyhow, it is a smallish sticker. It has a picture of a smiling little kid with a straight-cut fringe, and next to the kid the letters "Ha" and then on a line below that the letters "ppy". "Ha-ppy" - in bright chunky letters with stars or dots or something in them. I feel that somehow the universe is asking me if I am happy - or perhaps inviting me to be happy - and this is just kind of how it thought maybe it was best to get hold of me. A sticker on my foot.

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