Friday, 24 August 2012

Grey Thursday

I think they've added an extra teaspoon of sugar to a Nosh bar. But maybe it is just the weather, that has been most restful on the eyes, that makes the chocolate taste so sweet.

This week I have procured what is known as a bunch of cool shit:
1 x bunny suit lego mini fig, with lego carrot;
1 x tarzan boy lego mini fig, with monkey buddy;
1 x bride lego mini fig. She has a veil, a tiara and a bouquet;
1 x Omnitrix courtesy of my mom entering a magazine competition on behalf of the small boy in the orange shirt;
1 x small dead beautiful green snake, killed by a cat, and destined to enhance the zombie graveyard scenario the kids have set up in the back yard;
1 x pair Havaianas; grey, with a fine brazillian teal-yellow-teal stripe running along the sole
1 x haircut which has tamed the flocks of my sideburns;
1 x iPhone which has wakened all of my considerations about product design - my iPhone has a protective cover, and a screen-guard, so now it looks nothing like the thing on that carries its own reflection wherever it goes.

I have done a lot of walking this week - around the neighbourhood. These photos are all from the same day, within about 1km of each other, from 6:30, to about 5pm. From the top: Jacaranda trees on Ferguson  -  table at Juliette's house, early morning, leaving for work  -  alley on the walk that gets the kids to school, about half an hour later  -  William biking down Ferguson, at about 5pm, on the way back from Woolworths, with dinner.

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